The largest consumer panel in Europe

We measure e-commerce activity using aggregated and anonymized data.

users to generate anonymized statistic

How our methodology is changing just about everything

Data Accuracy


"The best bullshit available"

Most of existing consumer panels rely on very limited panel size (~12K consumers) and retailer panels are often incomplete.


"The one source of truth"

Foxintelligence computes billions of transaction-based datapoints from millions of actual consumers and we don't have blindspots.

Data Transparency


"We cannot disclose these numbers because the merchants don't want us to."

Most currently available market data is originated from merchants transaction feeds and come with disclosure contraints.


"You can have access to everything. Our data is proprietary."

Foxintelligence retrieves all its datapoints from its proprietary panel. Therefore, you can access any insight on any competitor without any constraint.

Data Availability


"One moment please."

Current data collection process prevents market intelligence companies to provide data as fast as you need them.


"Providing insight when you need them"

Our technological assets allow us to gather and compute data on a near realtime basis.

We track the purchases of most European merchants including the following:

We can also add any merchant you wish to monitor

Our products

Foxwatch is our proprietary data visualisation platform. It allows you to instantly understand all the key dynamics of your market and of your competitors' performances. Foxwatch also provides easy access to actionable insights for each of your team members.


FoxwatchAPI is the data delivery engine behind Foxwatch. Designed for providing the fastest results, it leverages the best technologies available to date. FoxwatchAPI is also directly available to our clients for custom uses-cases (100% anonymized datafeed)

NodeJS Elastic Lambda

Parsejob is our proprietary tool that allows to add and maintain every invoice template reader. Each submitted template code is automatically analyzed by our AI to pre-assess GDPR compliance, data consistency and execution performance.

NodeJS VueJS Lambda

Crawljob is our proprietary tool that retrieve structured data out of public webpages. Just like parsejob, each submitted template code is automatically analyzed by our AI to pre-assess security, data consistency and execution performance.

NodeJS VueJS Lambda

Our obsession is to understand the drivers behind each market, competitor or product dynamics. To do so, we add as many dimensions as we can to every datapoint (product category,customer audiences, etc.) so that we can slice and explore our dataset without limit.

Machine Learning Python CUDA

Foxbrain is Foxintelligence's backend. Orchestrating all our microservices and powering all of our apps, Foxbrain is stateless, secured and leverages all the capabilities offered by modern cloud solutions like AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

AWS Google Cloud Stateless

Foxintelligence's promise is to provide every merchant, every brand and every analyst with the most precise and reliable information. To ensure consistency with reality, we're using advanced statistics to always make sure we have sufficient and well-balanced data.

Machine Learning Statistics

From acquisition to delivery, our data is processed through an optimized funnel. We're using each recommended DB technology for each step of the way. Our agnostic and open approach allows us to reach optimal performance and convinience in our data management.

AWS Mongo SQL Google Cloud

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